Foutz House Redoux – More Pushing Pixels

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I’m redoing or revising in part some of the work I have done in the past before putting it up at my store at Etsy.

The border for the Foutz House has always bothered me, I made it out of Tarot cards but my initial attempt was sloppy, my later revision more ordered but not impactful. See below. And double click to call up a larger image.

I experimented with redoing the Tarot card border but, again, it proved to difficult to look happy or clean.

I then looked around and found this nice line art.

Which was nice but not enough detail would show for a good border. See the outline in red below, that is all that would show for the Foutz border and it was in black and white or monotone.

space esoteric composition of the sun, moon and stars

So I experimented with colorizing and over saturation and multiple copies of the original, on on top of each other. Producing this:

I adjusted the saturation from green to a yellowish orange which then led to the newest revision of the Foutz House.

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