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My Last Post on Text to Image?

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It’s possible that this is my last post on text to image technology. If you don’t get what is happening now, what will happen over the next four or five years, then you need to be wrapped up in a heavy blanket, put in a rickety canoe, and then pushed out into the waters of the ice floes. I’ve written about this before (internal link)

Today, I was envisioning a ghost train project for Goldfield, Nevada. Something I could promote the town with, you know, ‘old timers swear they can still hear the steam whistle of the No. 33 when the moon looks just right. . . ”

This is what this free crowd sourced program (external link) produced in about one minute and fifteen seconds, using the key words ghost train, illustration, and high definition.

These illustrations are good enough for a children’s book. Maybe an adult’s book. Did you get that?

Maybe you are a YA book writer but you can’t draw worth a damn and an artist is way too expensive to hire. Well, meet your new graphic artist. Today! Maybe for every page of your book. Heck, a child can now illustrate what they write. A child!

What’s next?

The program can’t produce conceptual ideas well, like the future meets the past, arrogance poorly defined, and so on. Still. Still.

Anyone who can’t see the future in this image needs to get in that canoe. Now.

And here it is for sale. It took me longer to post and print a draft than to generate it at Crayion. This would make a great poster to keep and store away. Put it in a time capsule so that thirty years from now you can reflect how far that ghost train has traveled.

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