Etsy Store Open and another Pushing Pixel

Well, my Etsy Store is open. Here’s the link:

I’m using a print on demand service to produce, package, and mail out my designs. This print on demand or POD angle is the only way I can carry out commerce online. There is no other economic way for me to do it and besides that, the POD service I am using can offer more paper and material choices than my overused wide format printer can.

All of these posters and prints come rolled up in a tube; the best bet for frames is by searching through thrift stores.

There’s only a few things up right now but I am working on putting up more and in more sizes. I have to learn two interfaces, neither of them integrated: the one at Etsy and the one at Gooten for POD. Tricky. More later.

And here is a new postage stamp.

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Freelance writer specializing in outdoor subjects, particularly rocks, gems and minerals.
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