DALL E and Idiots

DALL E is a software program that creates images from words. Did you get that? Let me repeat my writing. DALL E is a software program that creates images from words. Type in, “A cat wearing lumberjack clothes” and you might get this:

If you don’t want straight photography, add the word “illustration.”

Here is a link to this site so you can try it yourself. I liked what I got when I put in, “Godzilla attacking the Titanic illustration”:


This is first generation stuff. And free. DALL E 2 has been in development for some time and will soon go commercial, if it hasn’t already. People are reporting sometimes magical like images.

Gutenberg and his moveable type printing press enabled mass distribution of thoughts and ideas. No more reproducing by hand a letter, book, or handout. Instead, in the same time that it would have taken to copy a book by hand, ten thousand books could be produced by the press. Here’s the difference, though, and one which might make DALL E even more revolutionary.

A press can only reproduce what has been already created. This tool is creating what has never been produced before. Do you understand what I am getting at? One copies, one creates. Requiring only a thought, it is a Santa Claus machine for ideas.

This is how DALL E is going to play out, as it is intuitively clear to even the most casual observer:

1. It will be improved constantly, as users, developers with the Open AI project, and its own learning techniques help DALL E learn and get better;

2. Subscription models will develop, allowing users to choose a pay service with different levels of results and different time periods to achieve those results. Want really good results? You will definitely have to pay more and perhaps wait longer as a mainframe may need more time to run calculations;

3. DALL E will get incorporated into a professional graphic designers work flow, not replacing them entirely but getting DALL E to perform routine work like making borders within a graphic or complete banners and posters like Alibaba is doing right now;

4. Eventually, DALL E will hit such mass circulation that we will no longer notice, as people know longer notice the Illustrator or vector based graphic world of design that we live in now. For example, look at the illustration below. One is all hard, crisp edges, the other much more painterly. Vector graphics have taken over the world, leaving raster images, like what I do, on the sideline. It’s been that way since the mid-90s with few taking notice. Raster is more akin to drawing than drafting.

5. The Open AI Community during all of this time will be coming out with various other software, notably in machine produced writing and rewriting. Think you can’t write a novel? AI will help, needing only your dictation and a checklist of scenes and settings. How about a movie about yourself? Sure. Think about a movie idea and watch it come about. And like it or not, as with the start of the commercial internet, the money behind porn will lead the way.

I was so excited about learning about DALL E that I took several printouts of different results to my local library. I thought it was a great learning tool for children in that this site is free and requires no registration or disclosure of any information. Many kids (and adults) have great ideas but can’t begin to execute them because they lack the needed drawing tools.

Of course, everyone was out that day and no one in the Back Room would come out to talk. No one has called me back. I noticed in the latest e-mail newsletter that there is no discussion of DALL E. Maybe it was the same way with Gutenberg.

We assume people in the educational field, those trying to help others learn, would want to learn about what may be the greatest invention since moveable type. But no. They’re just stupid. Let’s call an idiot an idiot even if they have a Masters in Education or Library Science. A degree is nothing if you are not constantly learning and exploring new ideas. Henry Ford once said that if he had listened to what people wanted, they would have asked for faster horses.

No, the elites are just as stupid as they were with Gutenberg. Some things never change.

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