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This is my version of a GF promotion poster. Goldfield is all about exploring, from the arts to the outdoors. Physical and mental. Exploring is the key element tying creativity and off-roading around the creosote.

This passage from Little Gidding reminds me of a lot that Goldfield has to offer. In his spiritual journey and exploring, Eliot went from a half-hearted atheist to an agnostic to something like a Catholic mystic.

Little Gidding was his last great poem. He was big on talking about the Pentecost and you can easily get the Garden of Eden references. He’s painting an expressionistic word picture here and not presenting you with a clear photograph. Deliberately.

That’s not meant to frustrate people but to allow people to form their own opinions, just as a great deal of musicians do. I think, for example, that it is still argued over whether the Beach Boy’s song, “I Get Around” was about cruising from one burger joint to the other, or about chasing skirt. Maybe both. You decide.

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