You Can’t Miss What You Don’t Know

Fewer and fewer dedicated cameras get sold each year and that is a terrible thing. More and more pictures are getting taken but not good ones at night, those requiring a zoom or telephoto lens, or images containing enough pixels to work up in post (processing after the shot has been taken.) We need any young and wildly creative people growing up now to have the tools needed to capture what they see and that world goes way beyond an iPhone. If this movement doesn’t stop now, people will forget or ever know what real photography can do, just as we now accept the terrible voice quality of cellular phones compared to what land lines sounded like.

Rich audio exists and so do great photo ops. I love my iPhone Pro 13 Max but it could never pull off this kind of shot. Here, I’m braced against a post but with no tripod. I’m using a P 900 Nikon which is now several years old. A favorite of bird watchers because of its telephoto lens which can reach out optically (not digitally enhanced) slightly beyond 80X power. My iPhone is good for about 17X. This is a point and shoot type of camera because it does not have a detachable lens. Without these kinds of true cameras around, a young person may never get the shot shown below or even think about taking it. We shouldn’t go backwards.

Click below for the full size image. Remember, a point and shoot with a built in telephoto may get you the shot you want, but probably not with enough resolution or pixels to go further. That’s the province of cameras with detachable lenses and extremely expensive ones at that, to duplicate this effort at a higher pixel count.

Stay with less expensive gear, take more pictures, learn Photoshop or Lightroom. Mastery of either is not essential! You simply have to learn enough to express yourself. Cameras and lenses are just tools but stick with Canon or Nikon if you want to make your eventual upgrade path easier. Having said that, be very cautious about buying a modern mirrorless camera system. Their lenses are probably not compatible with conventional camera bodies and it is in lenses that you will be spending the majority of your money. To save money, I usually buy refurbished from B&H in New York. Camera people.


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