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Free speech is protected speech. Speech that does not immediately threaten bodily harm is protected. Mark the word immediate. There must be a clear and present danger, something so imminent that 911 must be called immediately. Like reporting that guy yelling ‘Fire’ in a crowded movie theatre when no fire exists.

Not sure about calling 911? Then no emergency exists. The _possibility_ of future harm by someone’s words is for the courts and others to decide, not you. The Black Panthers, the Weathermen, the SDS, and all manner of leftist organizations have all practiced incendiary speech as was their right. The Panthers often were openly armed on public streets.

Free speech is for everybody.

There are exceptions to free speech. Some of these are slander and libel and the violent overthrow of the government. But all of these are extremely difficult to adjudicate and most will not come close to the bright line test that exists with a clear and present danger. Besides, we live our lives by the rule and not the exception. Today, some want to make the exception the rule. Not so fast, buddy. The writers of the Constitution anticipated your type a long time ago.

It bothers me immensely that people like Tom Hayden (Mr. Jane Fonda) and Angela Davis became celebrities after fully participating in groups more violent than Q Anon or the Proud Boys have ever been. In the case of Hayden, he rose to prominence in politics despite strong support for the Viet Cong while our boys were dying in Vietnam. A shotgun belonging to Angela Davis wound up taped to an Oakland judge’s neck so he could be taken hostage. He later died in that crime. No matter, she later became a media and academic darling.

Despite a climate of extreme violence, there was more free speech in the 1960s and early 1970s than there was today. No one retreated from words back then, even with the Kennedys assassinated, King assassinated, Malcom assassinated, Wallace shot down and crippled, those four Kent State students murdered by the National Guard, with the Viet Nam war raging, no one retreated from strong speech. No one associated debate or contention with someone going out to a shopping mall and opening fire.

Gunmen like that are simply crazy and are not the reason to shut down argument about any subject you can’t argue. A senator recently question a woman giving testimony about the rights of the transgender community. She wouldn’t respond to his questions, saying that inquiries like his incited violence. At one point she started reading statistics about suicide in the trans community, the only response she deemed appropriate to a polite and civil line of questioning. We can no longer debate or we call the cops to back off the questioner.

I’ve put up a digital download poster reflecting these thoughts at Etsy for a bare minimum of five dollars. Sorry it can’t be in hardcopy this but postage _alone_ for a poster is 13.50 through the USPS and closer to $20.00 when mailed from a printer. It’s a racket. Down below is a full size image. Maybe you can print it out that way. Double click.

Here’s a link to the listing:


Woody Guthrie had the best approach to totalitarianism: use words _and_ music:


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