It’s No Big Deal

People that know me understand that I am kind and generous. People that don’t know me see that kindness and generosity as reflecting on their lack of same. I have been bedeviled my entire life by stupid, poorly motivated and mean-spirited people who return my good works with spit. I’m too old for that now.

Now, I am pushing back in the only way I know how — with words. Words meant to shame and ridicule and to demean those who have treated me in the same way. I have never done this before as I was raised to look at the good in people and not the bad. Enough.

I have never been physical with anyone, have no police record, none, never owned a gun, don’t have one now, and my last traffic ticket was over twenty years ago. I am not a threat to anyone, unless you mean a threat in words. That’s all I have and that is all I will ever use. Only stupid people resort to violence in a society of laws like ours. And I am not stupid. Trust me, I know stupid. I’ve been dealing with stupid people my whole life. And I have never called them that before. Not anymore.

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