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A Plea for Tolerance

I’m a serious person so I have a serious tone. That is now a problem.

We have today an enormous amount of people who can’t support their argument with facts so they focus instead on the way the other person is delivering theirs.

Ben Shapiro is a great example.

Rarely wrong on the facts, people instead attack his tone. Tone? Really? That’s all you have?

Since Ben is a public figure, no one can accuse him of threatening the other person. But since most conversations are private, these poor, limited, and feeble minded people are now fighting back against strong argument by calling law enforcement. “His remarks are troubling, his tone threatening. Please come out and talk to him.”

The wrong tone means you are confrontational, confrontational means violence, violence means guns, guns means killing people.

The wrong tone will get you put in jail. In California and Nevada, a police officer at his or her discretion can put you into a hospital for a 72 hour psychiatric hold without ever having to arrest or charge you. Just because you have the wrong tone.

What they will say with a wink and a smile is this, “We think you are so upset about this matter (name the problem that some idiot who can’t argue called you out on) that we worry you will kill yourself. For your own safety, we are getting you committed.” And that’s it. It’s the ideal way to punish someone whose acts don’t rise to criminality but which the police officer and that snowflake finds offensive.

As for me, personally, I am sixty-four years old and have never been arrested and have absolutely no police record. My last traffic ticket was over twenty years ago. I have never owned a gun and I don’t own one now. I am not a registered gun owner. But none of that matters. It’s easier to lock a person up than to try to understand them.

Watch what you say these days. It doesn’t matter what is right or what the facts are. You have to have the right tone.

By thomasfarley01

Business writer and graphic arts gadfly.

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