Pushing Pixels Number 15: Poster Conversion and Rescue

Very beat up promotional poster at the thrift store for $90. Paid the owner ten bucks to take it off the wall then let me photograph. This took hours but I like it on heavy paper.

I can’t sell these kinds of copyrighted material but if you have something damaged in black and whie I can certainly make something different out of it with just your photo. This is 24″ X 36″.

If the hippies had come along ten years later their movement would have been captured much more fully. Compared to the era of the Beatniks, the Hippies presented poorly through black and white film but there were little good choices. A photographer knew back then that with Tri-X he could always get a good image, so much of the reportage was done in monotone.

Color film, by comparison, hadn’t yet developed well. (Get the pun?) Color was tricky to process and expensive for a newspaper to print. Many newspapers only had color photos in a Sunday edition. National Geographic and Playboy were forerunners in using better color for publication but if you look at the quality of those images, well, that color was kind of sickly. Kodachrome and Ektachrome were continually being improved but good color was still the province of the studio photographer and the person who shot fine art photography.

The right corner bottom shadow is from shooting indoors. Terrible wind outside for photocopy. I am still adjusting this posters brightness. I have to experiment with PS as well as the ink and paper.

This is the the photo I took of the poster, with indoor lighting. Yes, the poster was turning yellow.

This is on fabric mounted on wood.


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