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Nightime Reality and Daytime Reality and Mental Health Awareness Month

What I experience at night is just as real, terrifying, horrific, or devastating as anything you experience in the day. Deal with it.

And if you doubt me, you disrespect my condition in that you do not trust me. Yet, I never second guess anyone who comes to me with an earnest and passionate accounting of their suffering. Why am I doubted?

Unedited transcript

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Let me talk about reality and about dreams and nightmares not being real. According to the dream and nightmare denying people, which is the vast majority of people, I think even the mental health professionals, I just woke up afternoon, heart racing, adrenaline going through me, gasping for breath. All right. Those are very real physical symptoms. That’s what that FDA cleared nightmare system for $7,000 that I bought out of pocket.

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That’s what it keys on. It has an Apple watch, monitors, your heart rate. Those are very real symptoms. Now, I can tell the deniers would say, well, it’s not reaching a level of harm that we would consider damaging. Well, okay, but you’ve just admitted if you’re just talking about the degree of harm, you’ve just admitted that, in fact, part of the nightmares, dreams are real, haven’t you?

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Now you may say, well, let’s back up. They’re not that physically harming. You can’t see a wound or some such. Well, got two divisions here. I think you have mentally damaging and physically damaging.

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We’ve all seen that physical damaging could be real. What is the benefit of an increased heart rate? What’s the benefit of more adrenaline? What’s the benefit of gasping for air? Okay, so that’s physically damaging to me.

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I can’t imagine saying anything else as far as mentally going by extension, can’t you see that the dreams, the fright, the terror over a period of years, decades, is also mentally damaging, even if you can’t see it, what we really have is a larger system. Like all large systems, you can break it down into parts. So I’m going to say you have a nighttime reality and you have a daytime reality, the daytime reality that most people experience is their world, and they can’t see into the nighttime reality that we have. But again, that nighttime reality is both damaging physically and observable, both with that night where system and in the lab, it’s observable, it’s physical, it’s real. And the mental part of it is also damaging, unless you dismiss mental health as being unreal itself.

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Psychiatrists, a psychological community will say, oh, mental health is a real problem, except when it comes to funding, of course. But I think even many of them doubt that it’s real. But it is. It’s both physically notable and mentally notable. Two different realities, nighttime reality and daytime reality.

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And I don’t question anybody’s daytime reality. I don’t want them questioning my nighttime reality.

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