Sometimes by My Bloody Valentine

From the soundtrack of Lost in Translation.

Two people between happy and sad. It’s all going to end. Does anything last?

“No,” says the Fairy Godmother to Cinderella before midnight, but, “At least you got to go to the Ball.”

[Verse 1]
Close my eyes, feel me now
I don’t know how you could not love me now
You will know, and her feet down to the ground
Over there, and I want true love to know
You can’t hide, oh no, from the way I feel

[Verse 2]
Turn my head into sound
I don’t know when I lay down on the ground
You will find the way it hurts to love
Never cared, and the world turned hearts to love
You will see, oh, now, oh, the way I do

[Verse 3]
You will wait, see me go
I don’t care, when your head turned all alone
You will wait, when I turn my eyes around
Overhead, when I hold you next to me
Overhead, to know, oh, the way I see

[Verse 4]
Close my eyes, feel me how
I don’t know, maybe you could not hurt me now
Here alone, when I feel down too
Over there, when I await true love for you
You can hide, oh, now, the way I do
You can see, oh, now, oh, the way I do

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