Pushing Pixels 8: Rethinking Pet Photography & Illustration

UPDATE: NEW LOOK for Fremont —> pushing pixels nine (internal link)

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My cat. Shown here under an acrylic shield. Do you get what’s going on here? Aside from any aesthetic appeal there may be? What do the rings say to you? What do they look like? While you contemplate that, let me relate a story that John Malloy told in his 80’s classic, Dress for Success.

To preface that, we can all acknowledge that brown is difficult to work with. Doesn’t inspire much. Fremont is actually a beautiful silver tabby yet here, everything goes brown. Back to Malloy.

He said that IBM was such a conservative company that their dress code demanded salesmen dress only in blacks or shades of grey. Maybe dark blue. Malloy said he met only one IBMer who had on a brown suit. But, Malloy said, it was a _really nice_ brown suit.

Okay, got the ring thing, yet? What do they look like? Tree rings? Keep going. What do they represent? Yes, a year of growth for each ring. How many years does a cat live? (Trick question.) 13 0r 15? Yes.  But how many lives does a cat have? As Denzel would say in Training Day, “Oh, so you get it now?”

Also under plastic.

Open air. No cover.

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