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America’s Favorite Victim

The title of America’s Favorite Victim was first awarded to Mabel Norman in 1913 for her role in Barney Oldfield’s Race for a Life.


Jamie Lee Curtis won the title for the entirety of the 1970s when she starred in Halloween.

The 1960s belonged to Jane Fonda for Barbarella but a number of researchers and scholars are now considering whether the prize should be given to someone else.

Academics are moving toward awarding Venetia Stevenson for her role as Nan Barlow in Horror Hotel, the curiosity killed the cat coed who should have stayed at a Hilton property.

Because no one wants to watch a video that is more than one minute long, the Review Board has broken down the key, critical, and controlling part of the film into six segments.

The Board hopes that its viewers can watch the entire run of moments, ADD permitting.

While Barbarella may once have been The Queen of the Galaxy, it is possible that a new Princess may soon rule the throne.



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