Life Isn’t Fair. But . . ..

My four stands:

Legal dispute:

Bush v. CCC: (external link)

Writing dispute: The Worst Day of my Writing Career (internal link)

Medical treatment dispute: Intermountain Health Care (internal link)

Present dispute: This post.

Unedited transcript of the video above.

Hi, my name is Thomas Farley. Welcome to my website. If you’ve been following me for a while, thank you for that. I wanted to talk in person about I was recently told by a couple of people that I shouldn’t be so upset about a particular problem because life’s unfair. Everybody has it hard.

Essentially, my mental health was discounted. Once again, it’s not a big deal. And anyway, as I said, that the old saw about life being unfair. Well, certainly it is. And it’s also certainly true that everybody takes a stand sometimes in life to put their foot down, to protest, to act out against that unfairness.

In my case, there’s been four life events in my life, 64 years where I put my foot down, where I said, that’s it, I’m not going to be treated like this. One incident just happened recently. The other one was with Intermountain healthcare, which you can read about on my website. And the other two, I wanted to talk about early 20s friend and I were in the California Conservation Corps, a new state agency.

Well, there’s a lot of bad things happening, and we were trying to my friend and I, Bernie Bush, were trying to maybe unionize the camp, get the workers organized, and we were fired without any due process.

It was literally 30 minutes to get your stuff and leave. When we re entered the base because our facility was on National Guard property and we had to be led in by military police under escort to retrieve the rest of our things, there was no due process of whatsoever, even though our paychecks were written by the state. Well, that wasn’t right. And so Bernie and I, a couple of days after that, rode our bicycles because we didn’t make enough money back in the day to afford a car. We pedaled up to Santa Baria, about 40 miles south of San Luis Obispo, and contacted a group of poverty lawyers, poverty law firm, and they immediately accepted the case.

And seven years later, we prevailed in court and changed the law.

I’m not aware of any other core members, the thousands and thousands that went through in early days doing anything like that. Pardon me, but it wasn’t right. It wasn’t legal, and it wasn’t fair. But sometimes in everyone’s life, you say, that’s it, I can’t tolerate that situation, and we didn’t, and we prevailed. The next one was years later, back when I had to quit my book contract.

I had to be released from my book contract, where I spent 18 months traveling the entire Southwest to develop this manuscript for a book. Adventure Publications was the publisher, and I probably spent ten or $15,000 traveling. And there were two major changes that they did to the book contract without asking me first, even though they told me I was a valuable team member, being the writer, of course, the author, I guess, would be the valuable team member.

They changed the release date after I’d gotten the manuscript in beat deadline, beat word count, as I always do. They changed that without consulting me. They actually changed the entire orientation of the book month before but I let that go and this time I didn’t let it go and they had put, I’m sure, some money into developing the book but I demanded that they get out of that contract which I was released and I walked away from all that money. It was down the drain and a couple of other publishers looked at it but had to pass because of the high cost of bringing it, bringing it forward. So I think most people, especially first time authors, would have done almost anything to stay in the contract to see it get published.

Actually, the real reason I’ve seen my name in print plenty of times the real reason I wanted that book out was so I could dedicate the book to my parents. I really wanted that but my mother was a published author herself and she would have told me just to walk away from these guys just walk because you have to be consulted on the major issues especially when you’re cooperating fully with the editor. In that case too, the editor wasn’t the one that told me of either of these changes. I found out from other people, yes, life is unfair but at times you say enough is enough and that’s what happened in this recent incident, as I’ll call it. I’m not dwelling on the facts involved in that case.

I’m reacting now to this fairness question. We all Mark our ground at some point as far as the discounting of our mental health. Well, let’s leave that to another day because that’s that’s truly, truly just a background part of life but thank you for listening to this so far.

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