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Proof of Concept

Lo-res Instagram stills transformed using a style transfer selection within Photoshop’s neural filters. Or this one. Vocal copyright belongs Kittie, least appreciated female rock band ever. Or this one. Z-Z. Z-Z Top. Inset video originally recorded off a projection screen … Continue reading

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Life Isn’t Fair. But . . ..

My four stands: Legal dispute: Bush v. CCC: (external link) Writing dispute: The Worst Day of my Writing Career (internal link) Medical treatment dispute: Intermountain Health Care (internal link) Present dispute: This post. Unedited transcript of the video above. … Continue reading

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Multi-Media Room Coming Along

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Every Little Boy Needs a Girl

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Linda Linda by Sci-Fi Caper and Japan Vogue

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Sonnet / To the South Downs by Charlotte Smith

Another strong poet from when women were kept weak, Charlotte Smith had a childhood as turbulent as the landscape she describes here is pacific. She said she became a legal prostitute at 15 because she was wed off to a … Continue reading

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From An Essay on Criticism by Alexander Pope

Updated on August 28, 2022 I’ve looked briefly at Pope before (internal link). Here, Pope addresses the critics of his days, people who did not pen anything of quality themselves but felt free to judge their betters. We might call … Continue reading

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Simon the Cyrenian Speaks by Countee Cullen

Countee Cullen was a noted poet from New York. John Fredrick Nims relates, “As Christ was being led to the crucifixion, ‘they found a man of Cyrene, Simon by name: him they compelled to bear his cross.’” Cyrene was an … Continue reading

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Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

Amazing delivery of call and response between hope and hopelessness. Mix of trance, spiritual, and deep house. Only 17 words in the entire song. “Why does my heart feel so bad?” “Why does my soul feel so bad?” And “He’ll … Continue reading

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The NYT, Ukraine, and The War

The New York Times still cannot condone war under any conditions, even with the complete justification that Ukraine has to defend itself. “All across the United States, small groups of military veterans are gathering, planning and getting passports in order. … Continue reading

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