Support the Canadian Truckers!

The Canadian Trucker Convoy represents free speech and civil disobedience at their best. Both ideas were wildly embraced in the 1960s and early 1970s, only to be disregarded now by aging politicians who once marched in the streets.

The autocratic and entitled children raised by these politicians are also stifling free speech and debate as they become the ruling class. I remember Trudeau father’s, Pierre Trudeau, who jet-setted and hob-knobbed with Onassis and Jackie-O while Canada fell into economic ruin.

These members of the Club Politic know their outrageous arguments make no sense and produce no converts. Their only hope lies with handcuffs and prison chains for malcontents like the Truckers.

This newsletter is from Gab which continues to represent free speech:

Facebook has spent all week banning groups related to the peaceful Canadian Trucker Convoy as well as any groups working to organize the American Convoy. It’s interesting that Facebook would ban these groups and yet did nothing to ban the Black Lives Matter groups that organized to burn down our cities a few years ago.

In light of these bannings the truckers have set up groups on Gab to communicate with the world during their protest.

You can click here to find the American Freedom Convoy group on Gab.(external link)

You can follow the offical Trucker Convoy account here.

Finally, you can join the Canadian Trucker Convoy group here (external link) which has coverage from people on the ground.

People are quickly learning that Gab is the only place they can find information about this peaceful protest and real time updates from those who are attending it.

Please save this link to learn how to get the Gab app on your phone.

It will be crucial to help your friends and family get on Gab especially since we are banned from both app stores.

By thomasfarley01

Business writer and graphic arts gadfly.

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