The Incompetence, Idiocy, and the Inhumanity of Tractor Supply Hardware

I’m angry.

Ten days ago I burned down my eyes for almost an hour to fill out an online job application on a website that doesn’t work. It’s the job portal for Tractor Supply Hardware, of which I have been a customer for years and have spent thousands of dollars in many of their stores. @TractorSupply

This morning I followed up on my job application only to find that an A/I powered bot answered all questions. No human to talk with. The two phone numbers I did find refered me back to their broken website. And then the phone system disconnected my call.@TractorSupply

The A/I bo had told me that no jobs were open at the Pahrump store. Despite three open positions still listed on their website. Yes, three positions open and their website still asking people to fill out their hour long form. And that idiot bot saying otherwise. @TractorSupply

When I was hiring in the landscape trade I did invite people to fill out an app even if a position wasn’t open. But I always said their application was for future reference. No such language @TractorSupply

I tried finding out the phone number for TSH corporate but these are all hidden. Who does that? Have you ever worked for a company that kept their office numbers private?

I then went to Twitter and got an almost immediate response from some powerless troll who told me to look up my hiring status under my account at the hiring portal website. Duh! I already tried that several times and the login was hopelessly broken. For a website that controls record access for 55,000 employees and God knows how many applicants.

Incompetence. For @TractorSupply running a website that puts up job descriptions for openings that do not exist

Idiocy: For burning a loyal customer who will never shop @TractorSupply again because they were too stupid to look up my spending record, never considering that a job applicant might have spent huge amounts of money on them in the past

Inhumanity: For the Nazi-like disregard of a person’s worth as a human being. They wasted my time in filling out a form no one ever read, ignored my plea to talk with someone, and disregarded the despair and anger every job seeker finds when they realize they have been had by another soulless corporation whose attention can only be gotten by going on Twitter.

I was eager to talk to someone by the end of the day. I knew corporate @TractorSupply would be hurrying home for the weekend, where they could retreat into their plush, comfortable houses, a chance to turn off whatever conscience they had left which still reminds them that people have worth and dignity.

Don’t worry, @TractorSuppy. The Nazis got over listening to their conscience and actually began enjoying doing so. Sounds like @TractorSupply is starting to as well.

A pox on them and the misery they bring to the world.

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