Wuthering Heights by Jess Anderson and Hanna Goodall

I never thought of anyone covering Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights. Why try? But I just found out that there is a small raft of singers who attempt it.

Kate Bush in the original sings in a key many vocalists can’t reach momentarily let alone throughout an entire song. In that range she was trying to give voice to the central character which is a ghost named Kathy.

Kate once described “that voice” as not her own but Kathy’s. Do you think the song’s tone sounds haunting? Oh, yeah, the ghost. Haunting. You’re getting it now.

I’m sure opera singers can pull off Wuthering Heights but it is amazing to see pop artists try. Two versions, one studio, one essentially street karaoke. Both fantastic.

p.s. Turn on the closed captions!

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