John Charles Fremont the Explorer is up for Adoption

John Charles Fremont the Explorer is up for adoption. He can’t follow me where I have to go.

He’d do best in a quiet household without frantic kids. He seems to warm up much more quickly to women than men. He is a totally indoor cat.

These are Early Days in the adoption process. I have never given up a pet and this is hard on him and me.

I live in Pahrump, Nevada and could probably drive him, if need be, perhaps 500 miles to his new home.

I could pre-pay food and a vet bill for a year. My email is

There’s been a lot of nice compliments about JCF on Instagram but don’t feel bad if you can’t take him in. The practical points of ownership are far harder and more real than simply admiring a photograph.

If you can’t adopt perhaps you know someone who can. I’ve noticed that people go silent when a cat is up for adoption. That’s not anyone’s fault so, again, don’t feel bad if you can’t.

JCF is looking forward to meeting you.

By thomasfarley01

Business writer and graphic arts gadfly.

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