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The Insane Hypocrisy of Facebook, Twitter, and Corporate America

While following the latest news from Afghanistan, I thought it mentioned that Taliban members were Twitter users. That seemed ludicrous since a sitting president had been banned by that service. Who could possibly be worse?

As it turns out, Twitter indeed was allowing people like Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid to freely speak on Twitter. His account has over 300,000 followers and it is now being reported that his messages helped the Taliban coordinate their takeover and now control of Kabul. They have still not been banned.

Facebook also gets blamed. Their WhatsApp was used by the Taliban to “spread propaganda, communicate with residents of Kabul, and share official statements with the world.”

I’ve written about Gab. (internal link) Twitter and Facebook have both banned its founders from Twitter and FB for political speech. And of course, Trump.

From Gab:

“Gab doesn’t host the Taliban. When the U.S. government tells us America’s enemies are on the platform, we take action. Facebook and Twitter do not.”

Gab has zero tolerance for threats of violence, terrorist propaganda, and illegal activity. Our community has thousands of group moderators and volunteers who proactivity report and take action against illegal content on our platform.”

Corporate America and the Powers that Be allow pornography if it makes them money. And terrorist groups like the Taliban, for whatever shadowy or economic reasons.

But when you speak against the people that control the levers of power you are shut down. Let me put it more simply in the case of Trump.

The elites and leftists hate Trump for many, many reasons. They don’t want him to speak. He’s not their friend politically. With him gone from social media, the corporate ruling class can make up whatever lies they want to about him and his followers.

Trump can’t speak on social but the Taliban can.

The world has gone totally insane.


By thomasfarley01

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