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We Gotta Have Fun!

We Gotta Have Fun!

I’ve been watching Lost in Translation again. Well written. I think Sofia Coppala said that the movie was specifically written for Bill Murray to co-star in it and if he didn’t agree then the movie wouldn’t have been made.

Total fantasy but endearing and full of “what ifs.” Someone like Scar Jo is not going to introduce herself to an old man at a hotel no matter her love life at the time.

Still, the two characters embrace a common situation that happens to everyone. The what ifs.

In Isleton I had a steady girlfriend named Nancy who was very attractive and we got along well. She lived in Rio Vista which was about ten miles from Isleton.

My next door neighbors were Avery and Amy. Amy was cuteness defined. She was in fact the person who introduced me to Nancy when I first moved to Isleton. The two worked at the same restaurant.

Despite my happiness with Nancy, Amy remained next door, always bubbly and happy. Her boyfriend, though, was a karate instructor and a knife collector. Talk about “don’t even think about it.”

Amy was too young for me in any case, just like Scar Jo is to Bill Murray’s character. Both she and him are married but you can tell there is a longing for each other that can never be fulfilled.

The happiness they share in their short time together makes them reflect on the unhappiness each has with their partners. What went wrong? Where went the fun?

I need to think on this some more. I’m so glad I saved this answering machine message. I treasured it when I first heard it and I still do to this day.

Sometime In The 90’s


Well, you’re not around so you lied, so you’ve got to change your message now.

But I have an idea.

Actually, we have an idea.

If, uh, Avery gets home early tonight, well kind of early at 8:30, and I suggested maybe going to the fair tonight ’cause I hope, I think I heard you right, you said, uh, it stays open really late, so I was thinking if you and Nancy would like to go to the fair tonight, please come over or give me a call, again, he’s going to be home, probably about, well, um, well 8:00, between 8:00 and 8:30, most likely probably not as late as 8:30, but we’d like to go if you’d like to go.

And get ahold of me ’cause I’ll be home the rest of the night and that’s aint no lie.

And I heard Nancy — I asked Nancy and she said she was off and I promised her we’d have fun and I told her earlier that we weren’t going to have fun but we’ve gotta have fun.

So, give a call, I’ll be here, or actually come over, I’ll be here, and we also have to do Montel’s medication.


So I’ll talk to you later.


Below: Amy going to work at Rogelio’s restaurant in Isleton, California on Halloween night in 1996.
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