The Diversity Olympics in a Land of Little Diversity

NBC’s Olympic coverage is ignoring an enormous elephant in the room while they focus on as many non-white athletes as possible.

Japan is 98% Japanese. America was built on immigrants and we continue to be flooded with them to this day.

Japan’s refusal to accept foreigners as citizens over the centuries is legendary. Except to NBC.

While America’s interracial marriage rate is more than 10% (external link), Japan’s is less than 4%. (external link).

There is a “Hate America First” group of people who have always been around and who always continue to denigrate America’s efforts to improve things.

Despite our faults, America tries to fix things. This is never acknowledged by the Hate America First Crowd. Slavery in Africa continues to this day but that is ignored and the United States continues to get blamed for its slavery of two hundred years ago.

NBC’s coverage is slanted to make up for its lack of diversity years ago. Back when NBC was mainly run by white folks.

Yes, blame America constantly for racism. And then think of a Japanese woman bringing a black foreigner home to meet her parents to talk about marriage.
While such marriages do exist in Japan, the attitude of the Japanese toward such a couple and their resulting children is undoubtedly generations behind what we accept here in America.

The Hate America First Crowd never recognizes achievements. They only find something new to complain about.

Perhaps this is rooted in hating their parents. Or perhaps they hate themselves and can’t admit it. Blame someone or something else. Right now they are staring at Twitter, looking for something new to be offended about. Hate never ends when self-loathing begins with yourself.

By thomasfarley01

Business writer and graphic arts gadfly.

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