Not So Best in The West

I’ve ended my relation with Best in the West in Pahrump. It’s a souvenior and t-shirt shop that makes its living on laundry and dry cleaning.

I was selling some rocks and posters out of there with the encouragement of Frank who is the owner. No more than thirty or forty dollars a month. And then . . .

And then I made a one time sale of $144 with a speciality item. Without paying me first for what I was owed, Frank said I needed to now invest in his business. $250 a month to sell anything out of there.

Many full time rock shops do not make $250 in month. And that amount would be just to break even. Absolutely insane.

But it was a good time to leave. In the three or four months I have been around the shop, sometimes in for only an hour or two, Frank talks down about his wife. Constantly. In front of her, in front of me, in front of other customers. He’s a bully to his wife. In public!

And this guy goes to church every week. He and her are Jehovah’s Witnesses. I assume that means they are Christians.

But what kind of Christian bad mouths his wife in public every time she comes into the store? To her face? He also complains about her to customers when she is not in. I know she hates it. I’m not judging here, I am reporting a fact.

We are all sinners. For my part, I try to limit my sins to myself. I don’t embark on deliberate injury to anyone else.

Yet this guy goes about his life hurting his wife and then going to church every Sunday. It is appalling and toxic and I was stupid to stay there. I really wanted some retail space and I tried to ignore what was happening. That was my sin. But that sin is no longer ongoing. I am no longer part of that abuse.

Thank God.


By thomasfarley01

Business writer and graphic arts gadfly.

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