Kate Beckinsale on a Meathook

I didn’t put her there.  A young woman director named Tanya Wexler put her there. Along with a chain around Beckinsale’s neck. Getting bound and tortured is the chief element in this supposed fight for justice and revenge flick.

It’s an Amazon product. Called Jolt. Apparently Beckinsale is fine with the movie’s direction because she went along with it. Got her check.

The chief character is Lindy who has a genetic defect that makes her go all Hulk on people when she gets angry. But the Hulk never got beaten in a sexual way while captive and hung from a meathook.

What do we have? Amazon, the movie company, this woman director, the advertisers, all of them want us to believe this is some sort of women’s lib production where the female takes control to exact revenge against evil males who started her agony. Yeah, right.

I’m not buying it. You have to watch Lindy get electrically shocked, time after time, by domineering males to really question who this film is supposed to appeal to. It was clearly produced to appeal to prurient interests. Believe me, I know that when I see it. (internal link)

Amazon isn’t engaged in an art project here, rather, the aim is to attract viewers who in turn will buy stuff.

Don’t blame me for watching. I didn’t make it, it was advertised to me and I chose to watch it. But I am the viewer here and not the Amazon boardroom and their bankers and that woman producer who decided to put their time and millions into making this film.

Who’s the greater pervert? The people that produced it or the people that watch it? This is corporate approved and manufactured misogyny.

I honestly admit to a fascination with disturbing images (internal link) but I doubt Bezos and Amazon will be so canid. (I’m waiting for their cover story or justification.)

Don’t tell me those scenes are for plot development. What plot? The only reason a guy would watch this is to see Beckinsale’s character kick ass and then to see her ass get kicked.

C’mon. This is trash. But sex sells. Always has, always will. And corporations like Amazon will always lie about advertising and sex. Or about bondage with a chain around a woman’s neck while she hangs from a meathook.

By thomasfarley01

Business writer and graphic arts gadfly.

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