Desktop Livestreaming to Instagram

Desktop livestreaming to Instagram is a nightmare to learn. And expensive. Like everything online has always been. Still, everything you learn will apply to streaming in general which is an unstoppable movement. We all have to learn about HDMI and how it is differs from our age old USB devices.

As I read business sites about setting up this service I am struck by how out of body the writers are. Have they really set up desktop livestreaming? Doing so requires buying equipment, subscribing to a streaming platform, learning broadcast software, and endless experimenting. Have they done all of this? They seem to be simply repeating instructions from somewhere.

Similarly, writers outlining how to set up an e-commerce store are similarly unconvincing. Have they actually gone through every step they recommend? Have they sold products themselves? If not, they should tell their readers. Otherwise, it’s all just talk. Bad, misleading talk. So much of this reminds me of medical care workers who never call the telephone numbers they hand out or visit the websites they tell their patients to visit. Sloth combined with stupidity.

By thomasfarley01

Business writer and graphic arts gadfly.

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