Can Writing a Certain Amount of Words a Day Improve Your Writing?

Can Writing a Certain Amount of Words a Day Improve Your Writing?


NB: I can’t transcribe properly without saying things like period, next line, new paragraph and so on. Therefore, I would not be freely speaking in this recording but rather dictating.


Can you improve as a writer by writing aCertain amount of wordsEvery dayI have heard this deviceOver the yearsRead this advice over the years I remember a BradberryThere are other great writersThatSet similar things to travel Nas in this in this equation is thatThese ridersUsually her very well educatedReally well grounded in the classicsAnd they hadA much deeperAll of inspirationMost of us do todayThat thatThink a lot of that time would be better spentReadingWritingGreat poetryThere Hass to beSensorsEvisceration there Hass to be some sort of backgroundAndWithout itAnd if your background is onlyOh I don’t know newspapers todayBlog post like mineIf you’re not reading MelvilleFastlane wanting to read those ridersYour exposure to beautiful writingBeautiful turnFrases turns it freezesIt’s going to be limited to noAnd soYou’re 1000 words a day may just beReciting from the veryIs it vocabularyI think it’sLet’s back upIf you were havingRightSomething right thereAnd then thisQuestionableYou as a writerBirdhouse to singI don’t play guitar but I found a songGuitar players on YouTube andThey want to practiceThey want to playI knowIn the third grade try to play violinMy dadEdit a good idea at the timeNo interest in itLearn to hate it more than anything else I’ve really blessedTo it andSo starting at the beginning thank youHave toI want to writeTo begin the process at allIfIf you doRather than 1000It’s a day thing I thinkDirection is betterAnd you can come up with any number of exercises on your own750 words without anyThat will force the force you intoThinking of looking at thingsDifferentlyReally practiceJournalism a newspaper openingsWho what where when why howNews report himTrying toRewrite what they’ve doneMake it better andThat’s in a lead into lyingI really encourage people that want toGet into writing toNewspaper especially weeklyIt’s takenLook at how that’s done because what happens is if you getNewspaperEven as a freelancerPaid very littleYou will be under a deadlineRestrictionAndThat may help you improve much more than directionRightJust going to be repeatingAnd that’sSpeaking of that nightShe gonna do thisThe vanTry try a conflict storyAnd put it in the 750AnswerSomething inDirectionI’m not trying to organize your lifeI just get back to workQuestion is originally isDoes writing a certain amount every dayAgainBe better spentThese riders encouraging itClassicsI think thatSo good luck to you and your readingI am


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