The Minister Louis Farrakhan

Louis Farrakhan is routinely critizied and even demonized because he is an anti-semite. That’s fair. Because he is. He is also, I think, the best public preacher in America today.

I always liked Billy Graham. He was a damned good preacher without an ounce of hate against any religion. He was a Baptist but he didn’t push that denomination. He pushed Christ. He had a charismatic and compelling delivery that was unmatched. I feel sorry for his son. Franklin tries but he isn’t a force of nature on stage.

Farrakhan has a different style and different ideas but he can roll. Move to the 17 minute mark if you are impatient. Farrakhan is a Muslim but also a Christian. If you can handle that bizarre contradiction, read on.

He, too, emphasizes that the only way to salvation is through Jesus Christ. Yet he probably wouldn’t want to deliver that message to a church filled with white folk. Them are the devils!

I can admire good writing that I don’t agree with. And I can admire good speaking, even if it sometimes lapses into a bad message. Moving a crowd isn’t easy. But Farrakhan can do it with ease and a sly smile.

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