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An Evil Spirit, Your Beauty, Haunts Me Still, by Michael Drayton

Drayton’s work wears well the dust of centuries.

An Evil Spirit, Your Beauty, Haunts Me Still

by Michael Drayton (1563–1631)

An evil spirit, your beauty, haunts me still,
Wherewith, alas, I have been long possess’d,
Which ceaseth not to tempt me to each ill,
Nor gives me once but one poor minute’s rest.
In me it speaks, whether I sleep or wake;
And when by means to drive it out I try,
With greater torments then it me doth take,
And tortures me in most extremity.
Before my face it lays down my despairs,
And hastes me on unto a sudden death;
Now tempting me to drown myself in tears,
And then in sighing to give up my breath.
Thus am I still provok’d to every evil
By this good-wicked spirit, sweet angel-devil.











Portrait of a Young Venetian Woman by Albrecht Dürer (external link) 1505

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