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David Lean’s epic Lawrence of Arabia is on YouTube. I have the best link below.

I once read the biography of an early bodyguard of Winston Churchill. He and Winston travelled to the Mideast around the time of World War I. They met Lawrence and went throughout the countryside.

He said the film did not reflect the true impact Lawrence had on the Arabs.

He said people would come from great distances just to gather around the man and perhaps touch his cloak.

Although a work of fact and fiction, the film remains an outstanding achievement that will never be duplicated.

The script includes brilliant dialog like this:

I’m promoting you Major.

I don’t think that’s a very good idea.

I didn’t ask you.

I want you to go back…

…and carry on the good work.

No. Thank you, sir.

– Why not?

– Well, I, it’s…

Let me see now…

I killed two people.

I mean, two Arabs.

One was a boy.

That was…


I led him into a quicksand.

The other was a man.

That was…

…before Aqaba, anyway.

I had to execute him with my pistol.

There was something about it

I didn’t like.

– Well, naturally.

– No. Something else.

That’s all right.

Let it be a warning.

No. Something else.

What, then?

I enjoyed it.

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