How Can You Live With Yourselves?

I’m continuing to be distressed over the number of phone calls I make to medical offices that are never returned or are returned long after a question needed to be answered,

I don’t make many calls. Those I do are very important to me. On Friday I phoned a doctor’s office to ask whether I should continue a medication. I was running out of three different drugs. I knew a pharmacy could only guess.

I made one call in the morning and one in the afternoon. Their website said they were open Friday. No one called me back.

How can an office or a desk worker ignore patient messages and then go home to their happy weekend with a clear conscious? They’d have to be more mentally ill than I am. And both of my messages had a hurried and desperate tone. Yet I am ignored.

The worst incident was two weeks ago before a three day weekend. After a botched appointment I left four anxious calls to Intermountain, pleading for someone to fix the horrible problem they had made.

No reply.

It was in fact not until Wednesday that someone called me. About a critical message I posted to social media. They had no idea that I had called them, didn’t know who might have listened to those messages, gave me no hope that going forward that my calls would ever be listened to in the future.

And I am sure they enjoyed their three day weekend while I went out of my mind with anxiety, grief, and anger.

They have to be psychopaths to live with themselves.

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