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Red Flag Alert

The most often heard comment after someone kills themself is that there were no red flags. No warning signs. No outward appearance of anything wrong.

Well, I’ve raised more red flags in these posts and on this Intermountain Health Care page (internal link) than the Chinese army.

I’ve also raised red flags on social media which I know corporate has read. Yet no one from there or anywhere else has sent an email or made a call.

They want you to die. They want you to go away. By any means necessary. Just so they can get on with their three day wekends, thaat condo at Breckenridge or that sleazy affair with the neighbor’s wife.

Anything but acknowledge someone else’s existence.

The key is that we are mentally healthy and will do something rash and stupid anyway.

They wouldn’t care for long if I lit myself on fire at their corporate headquarters.

That fire would soon fade from memory and they’d keep going with their low bid contractors who don’t answer phones and service straight out of a poorly functioning purgatory.

I’d raise another red flag but they are already up.

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