Kessinger Publishing Work at Home Scheme

Updated May 3, 31, 2021

Kessinger Publishing Work at Home Scheme

I’ve received many, many complaints in the last three months about Kessinger Publishing. The latest one, today, had Kessinger asking an applicant to pay them $1,950 before beginning work!

They have branched out from a questionable reprinting service to a questionable work at home scheme.

Kessinger wants an applicant’s address before hiring and their bank account information.

They spin a strange tale about the prospective worker having to buy software and hardware from them. Hundreds to thousands of dollars worth. Really? Really?

I would be extremely cautious; read my Kessinger page here before you deal with them. (internal link) NB: I updated that page on March 26, 2021.

Have you been burned? Let me know. I’ll forward your correspondence to any interested agency.

But first, use government tools like these. This is from the Federal Trade Commission:

“Report Job Scams to the FTC

If you see or lose money to a job scam, report it to the FTC at You can also report it to your state attorney general.

Find out more about how to avoid scams at”


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11 Responses to Kessinger Publishing Work at Home Scheme

  1. Angela Tran says:

    I’m literally in an interview as we speak with someone named Anastacia Royce saying she is one of the HR officers at Kessinger. Her English is a little off but may not be her first language, but it still makes me skeptical. I went through the entire interview and she’s not answering a particular question of mine. She didn’t even ask if I had questions, I had to make it known.

    At first I was wondering if I was talking with a real person cause it seemed like the questions were copy and paste. My mom sent me the link through FB. Someone posted the job and their profile has nothing on it except residency and a picture of them. I’m thinking of messaging them if they work here remotely or even has anything to do with this company. This is weird! I just read your other blog of other people’s experiences and it almost lines up with what I just went through.

    • Thank you very much, Angela, for checking in. You are helping others. We all want high-paying jobs to be true so sometimes we lose our common sense. None of what Kessinger says makes sense.

  2. sade says:

    Thank god you guys just saved me from posting a check in my account for 1,950 for equipment. i eas really excited about $30 a hour.

  3. Ity says:

    They just sent me form of W4 to fill out and sign to start work! I’m kind of iffy how Mr.John Wright is rushing me to fill it out?! And how their interview was like copy and paste questions 🤔 I’m nervous to send them information. I need to know if this job is legit or not?!

  4. Berenice Hernandez says:

    I think I really messed up I have given them all my information and now i don’t know what to do I honestly thought this was a real job and I found this page I just wish I could have found it before I sent them all my documents. I need some help please.

    • Sorry for the slow response here. I was traveling out of state. The best thing to do is to use the FTC site I have linked at my pages. The one for reporting work at home scams. Otherwise, call up FBI to see if they have a file opened on these people. But try the links that appear at my site at the two Kessinger pages.

  5. Shannon says:

    I had an interview today. It seemed to good to be true. I guess they have some of my information now. UGH!

  6. Anestascia says:

    I just started working for them. Everything you are saying is not the full picture. They do not ask you to pay back anything.

    • Good luck to you. Please keep us informed on how you are doing. As I will not doubt your experience, please do not doubt the experience of people that applied before you. It may be that Kessinger has changed their practices. If so, they should also explain what they have been doing before and why they have now decided to change.

  7. Gin M says:

    Hi I’ve worked for the Kessingers for on and off for over 13 years now in various roles. I live in Illinois now but my initial employment with them started when I was still in Montana. (I drove from Bozeman to Whitefish and met them at their home on Wisconsin ave back in those days even then the husband wife duo was very private and impersonal and after my initial interview my contact was via phone and email only..odd but true) I do enjoy the work and have learned SO much about publishing in general but was warned by locals to never allow access to my account. I still receive paper check in the mail and do not do direct deposit as they have been know in the past for shady financials. (Info is on RipOff Report for YEARS). There have been many plagiarism issues as well but they always seem to come out on top in the courts. Since an extremely media/public murder 2 yrs ago that effected their immediate family they are no longer accessible and have outsourced their employees out of the US.
    A few years after I first came along there was a conviction for for fraud …whomever was doing payroll/audit had access to employee and vendor bank info to obtain money illegally from said accounts so work for them but make sure your role is CLEAR (I cannot stress this enough) and get everything in writing. Omit direct deposit and do it the old fashioned way if you’d like to stay employed without drama.

    Good luck

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