Kessinger Publishing Work at Home Scheme

Kessinger Publishing Work at Home Scheme

I’ve received several complaints in the last three weeks about Kessinger Publishing.

They have branched out from a questionable reprinting service to a questionable work at home scheme.

Kessinger wants an applicant’s address before hiring and their bank account information.

They spin a strange tale about the prospective worker having to buy software and hardware from them. Hundreds to thousands of dollars worth. Really? Really?

I would be extremely cautious; read my Kessinger page here before you deal with them. (internal link)

Let me know if you have been burned. I’ll forward your correspondence to any agency that gets interested.

But first, use government tools like these. This is from the Federal Trade Commission:

“Report Job Scams to the FTC

If you see or lose money to a job scam, report it to the FTC at You can also report it to your state attorney general.

Find out more about how to avoid scams at”


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