Intermountain Health Care: An Evaluation

Intermountain Health Care has little interest in improving a patient’s experience in their system since money does not flow from the patient.

Instead, money flows from government and insurance companies, with few patients paying out of pocket.

Improving how Intermountain deals with a patient would mean paying for that improvement themselves.

Relations between contractors and Intermountain remains miserable.

An assistant with my primary doctor told me that a hurry up appointment with the contractor known as Pain Management took her over an hour to schedule. And she was calling in on the high priority physicians telephone line.

I would have never been able to schedule an appointment like that on my own. Not a chance. Yet it is up to the patient in nearly all cases to schedule themselves, so that burden sits on the patient, not Intermountain.

Why improve relations with contractors when the patient has to schedule? Let them sit on hold. Not our people.

The social media people employed are repulsive. They should all be degreed medical professionals before being allowed to talk to patients. Remember, we are patients first, then customers.

Next week I will attempt to complete procedures that should have been done months and months and months ago. These mindless delays happened because I am a doctor’s son and I don’t complain about medicine. But this is no longer about medicine. This is about neglect and incompetence.

I thought briefly about getting some of my treatment done by paying out of pocket. But why should I pay tens of thousands of dollars because someone can’t be bothered to pick up a phone? No, they’re going to pay for it. All of it.

By thomasfarley01

Business writer and graphic arts gadfly.

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