Intermountain is Hurting Me

Got an email from some sheltered elite at Intermountain (internal link) complaining that I was undermining his team with my Tweets. Well, they are the only thing that gets the company’s attention.

This snowball had told me just two days ago that I should do “what I needed to do” when it came to using Twitter more. Now, not so much. I guesss he is more brain damaged than I am.

Undermining you and your team? I am so sorry. Damn you!

I have suffered terrible bouts of violent nightmares since October 23, 1988. No medicine or talk therapy has ever helped and, thirty years on, I am pushing for ECT to get relief.

Guess what brings on more nightmares? Endless and pointless arguing with people over problems I never created or wanted. Just like my nightmares. I didn’t choose to get them. Or to keep them around.

I never tell this to anyone outside my doctors since it makes people uncomfortable. I am so sorry for you and your team and being undermined.

I have been utterly silent over my care until now. The first MRI order went out in April of last year. I have the right to do whatever is necessary to get treated. Patience is over. Even though my nightmares are increasing.

All because of people like you who have no idea who they are hurting. My only regret is that you don’t have another three day weekend to enjoy while the rest of us wait for help. Damn you. And your team!

By thomasfarley01

Business writer and graphic arts gadfly.

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