What’s Going On?

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What’s Going On?

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With luck I will be able to hike tomorrow. If so, I will try to get out to another unnamed prospect between Pahrump and Shoshone. I will be looking for Magnesite – MgCO3. I've had this reference sample for some time but never thought to hunt it. Wouldn't know what it looks like in the field. Geology.com says the material is sometimes cabbed and sometimes dyed different colors. The problem in locating this prospect is that it lies in that township with the corrected monument. It could be that other older mines were not located properly which means I might not find anything after a one mile hike from the highway. Still, only a mile. My PT sessions are not going well. After only three visits the clinic is talking about referring me back to my doctor. The sciatica throughout my entire left side has now moved to my right side as well. And into my right hand and arm. I can now lift only ten pounds at a time with safety. Hiking remains possible but with only light weight. I'm still going to the PLP's Oktoberfest next week but I won't be camping. I can't lift and setup my tent or other gear by myself. I'll be staying in Ridgecrest each night, driving 30 or forty minutes each way to the claim. This is what R.C. says about this teaching example of magnesite: Magnesite, magnesium carbonate, can be earthy or crystalline. This earthy magnesite was formed through hydrothermal alteration of Miocene (?) lake beds, though it can also form in irregular veins and masses through the alteration of serpentine by water containing carbonic acid. Some of these specimens show faint bedding.

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