Dead Lizard Update

I’m sad to report that the happy group of lizards that played around my back door have disappeared.

Their vanishing coincides exactly with the departure from my house of a licensed pest control firm on Thursday.

As I showed on Instagram at the time, I found a dead lizard only two hours at my back door after pest control left. They had sprayed the interior of the house as well as the perimeter.

I told the landlord well in advance that there was a pack of lizards at the back door. The landlord assured me that he conveyed my concern to the pest control people and that they told him that none of what they used was poisonous.

It may be coincidence that a lizard died immediately after pest control left and perhaps the pack decided to move to other quarters. Perhaps. But they were consistently around, day after day, for the last month and a half.

They seemed curious about the different projects I was building on the back porch and I left a large piece of cardboard out when I found they were using it for cover.

I particularly miss the Big Guy, he was about five or six inches long and sped about in the way that only lizards do.

I’d pursue the matter with my landlord and the company but I am so angry that I am going to let the matter go. Nothing is provable and the company has not come out to inspect the dead lizard, nor do I expect them to. In the end, like too many things, nobody gives a damn.

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Requiem for a dead lizard. Before pest control came out to spray the house I am now renting, I told the landlord that “there was a group of happy lizards around the house so the pest control people should be cognizant of this.” The landlord said he talked to them and nothing they used was poisonous to animals.” Two hours after the guy left I found this dead lizard a few feet from my back door. Maybe a coincidence but I haven’t seen the other two or three several hours later and they were always running around and present. When I worked in the green trade in California I had to get a qualified applicator’s certificate from the State so I am kind of sensitive about this. I know I shouldn’t be upset about the loss of a few lizards but I told everybody in advance. And I am upset. #lizard#wildlife#littlethings#pahrump

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