Why I Quit Facebook

Trolls. The internet permits and encourages conversations that would not be tolerated when people talk face to  face.

The people who can’t fit in socially, who are naturally rude or vulgar, have a home on FB and the internet. No one would tolerate them across a coffee table, that is why they are sitting by themselves in a basement, trolling the internet.

They are a group of rejects whose only place to communicate is through a wire, with a false name, with no concern of hurting other people.

Despite my constant efforts to help people, I kept getting run over by toxic, poisonous people who wouldn’t even bother reading what I wrote before submitting the most stupid, insulting comments. I don’t need that and I am a fool to be in the company of trolls.

I knew this long ago with the USENET back in the mid-1990s. That’s where the term flame war comes from, with all discussions devolving into people calling each other Nazis. Nothing has changed.

I hoped that my good faith efforts would win the day but a large amount of good people and deeds are no match for a small amount of highly motivated trolls who have nothing better than to spit bile all day.

To hell with it.

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