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Getting The Lucky Shot

How do you get that great shot when you are only shooting some of the time?

Sometimes it’s just luck. I’ve always liked this clip of my brother bowling. I was only snapping pictures with my iPhone now and then. This time I was filming.

For every great shot I’ve captured, I’ve missed a huge amount by not having the camera in my hands. And I can’t tell you how much of my life I have wasted in trying to document a scene when I should have been simply enjoying the moment.

My steam locomotive video from 2015 is up for consideration as a Wikimedia Commons Featured Video. That’s a neat honor to be nominated. Only 153 videos have been selected as a Featured Video. That really good since this first page states there are 61,306,647 videos on Commons. The next page says, however, that only 135,000 videos exist. Whatever. (external link) (external link))

How did I get that shot? Handheld and with an iPhone? I let the steam engine come to me. No walking to it or away. I stood still, letting it roll up and on.

I’m glad I didn’t have a zoom or I would have been fooling around with that. And I am glad the iPhone had enough pixels five years ago to present something worthwhile today. Here’s the candidates page along with some other fine videos: (external link)

And here’s Dave making that shot.
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