Bring Back The Answering Machine!

Bring Back The Answering Machine!

Sometime In The 90’s

Well, you’re not around so you lied, so you’ve got to change your message now.

But I have an idea.

Actually, we have an idea.

If, uh, Avery gets home early tonight, well kind of early at 8:30, and I suggested maybe going to the fair tonight ’cause I hope, I think I heard you right, you said, uh, it stays open really late, so I was thinking if you and Nancy would like to go to the fair tonight, please come over or give me a call, again, he’s going to be home, probably about, well, um, well 8:00, between 8:00 and 8:30, most likely probably not as late as 8:30, but we’d like to go if you’d like to go.

And get ahold of me ’cause I’ll be home the rest of the night and that’s aint no lie.

And I heard Nancy — I asked Nancy and she said she was off and I promised her we’d have fun and I told her earlier that we weren’t going to have fun but we’ve gotta have fun.

So, give a call, I’ll be here, or actually come over, I’ll be here, and we also have to do Montel’s medication.


So I’ll talk to you later.


Below: Amy going to work at Rogelio’s restaurant in Isleton, California on Halloween night in 1996.
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