Failing To Be Optimistic about COVID-19

I’m finding it hard to be positive when every government has lied, been ignorant, or incompetent. We don’t know the scope of the problem, they may not be sure themselves, and in all cases they seem to be making up their solutions as they go along. Anyone who speaks out gets disappeared or removed from authority. As with all things political, we don’t know the whole story and aren’t going to be told. Sixty years after it happened, we still don’t know everything in the Kennedy assassination file because they won’t tell us.

My quiet actions to help certain people and groups by sending money or supplies hasn’t lifted my spirit. When I was told on March 26th that Clark County wasn’t asking retired nurses and physicians to help because those practitioners are now unlicensed, I knew that the authorities in charge weren’t being truly serious. Ignoring medical professionals with a lifetime in medicine is putting all of our lives at risk because a bureaucracy wants to stick to their administrative procedures. By comparison, on that same day, the US military asked any retired soldier with a medical MOS to get in touch if they wanted to help with the COVID-19 crisis. That’s an all hands on deck approach, instead of selectively picking the deck crew.

Ordinarily, I accept people on good faith until they prove they don’t deserve my faith. I have no faith in these people except for a few doctors who should be in charge. Churchill said that he was an optimist because he didn’t see the value in being anything else.That’s a good point but being optimistic when dishonest and incompetent fools are in charge seems unrealistic and perhaps a dangerous attitude. Every single government is working on saving face instead of lives. “Don’t worry, be happy,” is a platitude, not a realistic assessment of what is going on. I suppose it would be best to be optimistic while facing an oncoming tornado, but it might be better to get ready to get out of the way.

Good health and good luck to all of you.
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