The True Believer

The story goes of a town facing a flood. Rain had been falling for two weeks and a dam was about to burst. A mandatory evacuation order went out for everybody to leave. One man remained. He was a true believer who knew God would take care of him.

The dam did break and within hours the flood waters had reached the man’s property. A sheriff’s patrol car arrived at the man’s house and the deputy told the man to get in. The man refused, saying that he believed in God and that He would take care of him.

Within an hour the flood waters had reached the man’s front door and were rising quickly. The National Guard showed up in a half-track and soldiers pleaded for the man to leave. “This is it,” they said. “In ten minutes, even we won’t be able to come back.” The man again refused a ride, saying that he believed in God and that He would take care of him.

The man was finally on his roof, looking at the vast ocean of water engulfing his town. Out of nowhere, a helicopter appeared and a rescue worker was lowered by a rope to bring the man up. Again, the man refused. The rescue worker begged the man to come with him but again the man refused. Since there were other people to rescue, the helicopter took off.

The flood waters overtook the man’s house and he drowned.

In Heaven, the man confronted God. “I believed in you! I had faith. And yet you let me die. You were supposed to take care of me.” God replied, “What do you mean? I sent out a patrol car, the National Guard, and a helicopter.”
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