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Sotheby’s Introduces Art Better Than Your Old Professor

Art isn’t boring but that’s how its usually presented. More people could be brought in if their introduction was moving, colorful, and captivating. Soetheby’s does this with their videos.

I know nothing about Fernard Léger or his work which appears wrapped up in a Picasso like style. Yet, this one minute and thirty second video by Soetheby’s makes me want to know more.

Contrast this with a pure writing experience such as this bit taken at random off the net:

“With them he created his color scheme of primaries broken by intense greens and purples, each to a separate object. With them, too, he adopts his characteristic symmetrical compositions and frontal lighting. They also allow some neat bits of bare canvas, but more for painterly care than for artistic freedom. His name may mean light, but not in the sense of luminous, and even his skies quickly become airless. The sharp white highlights and gradations of gray remind me of computer-generated shadows.”

That might be fine once I am drawn in but it won’t get me in the door. I can’t endure a lecture chair anymore or a $145 college textbook with tinder dry prose. I might investigate, however, what interests me with videos done at Soetheby’s level. They open the door.

Find more art intros here: (external link)

Or look them up on their YouTube channel: (external link)

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