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Southwestern Art Deco

Art Deco had many regional variants. Hoover Dam is the Southwest’s greatest Deco structure but other styles exist like Pueblo Deco. It’s fun to see Deco survive around the region.

The first two photos are bridge abutments near Burro Creek Campground which is outside of Wikieup, Arizona along Route 93.

The next three are details of a Union Pacific Railroad overcrossing on South Las Vegas Boulevard near Jean, Nevada.

The next is a completely new ornament south of Henderson, Nevada on a recently constructed section of Highway 11. Right by The Railroad Casino. Hoover Dam is close and the highway designers did a fine job of replicating the Deco style of that grand project.

The last is a pylon like structure adorned with green slate and neon. It is one of two that marked the first iteration of McCarran Field near downtown Las Vegas.

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