Quartzsite Coverage Coming Soon!

Along with finding things on my wish list and getting new information for my new book, I’ll be doing some reporting for Rock&Gem. The PowWow (internal link) starts Wednesday.

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  1. John Palmes says:

    Hi Thomas…. John Palmes here from the geoforum.. hand to check out your blog… I also have worked in news and this discovery that the sand around Juneau Alaska is not glacial moriane, but is petrified peat is big news….. I’ve been working on this for about 12 years, ever since I made this discovery in a geo class at university of Alaska.. The university has blackballed me and made it impossible to report my findings… they don’t want to be associated with me as a student for fear of ruining their reputation… when I try to report to the press, they check with the University and the University tells them I’m a nice guy but to pay no attention. This is a huge discovery. There is a lot of sand and the story about the grinding glaciers does not apply to it… Organics are being replaced by silica and magnetite…. carbon is being released. A part of the carbon cycle nobody has even imagined…. need to find a science reporter. I have no money and am not employed by anyone so the only way to be paid for my work is to sell my photos and write a book. I have at least 16,000 photos and many years of writing up my observations and correspondence. So far nobody will grant that any discovery has been made… the Geosociety of America sedimentary section folks just tried to humiliate me when I talked to them at a meeting in 2017. This is two stories..1. the science, and 2. the way science works.. how it treats discoveries and discoverers.
    Have been trying to set up a place to sell my photos and writing if the discovery ever gets some traction. There are two PDF files for sale there but i can provide links to download them… check out http://www.petrifiedpeat.com …. thanks for your interest and comment… john 907 586 2252

    • Hello, and the best to you. I will try to check out your site. I’m self-publishing my next book through Amazon/Kindle. As I understand it, there aren’t any upfront fees associated with publishing through them, rather, they take a percentage when something sells. This might be a good path for you. It’s a process to figure out the formatting for the .pdfs but tens of thousands have done it and I am going to try as well. Your big job will be promotion but that, too, should be approachable. I wish I had the science background to understand your studies but first and foremost I am a generalist writer with some understanding of the law. Again, I will check out the site. Good luck.

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