Version 11 of My Southwest Travel List is Out!

The .pdf file and the Kindle file are here:

Why don’t I post it here? The first is that WordPress at this site doesn’t host .mobi files so a Kindle format can’t be posted. The second reason is more interesting.

I have posted previous .pdf versions at this site. Like Version 3. Google is fixated for some reason on that early file, a document with hardly the information the current version has. I don’t want people to download Version 3 so I have removed the file from this site. That is causing people to get a 404 error, you know, “File not Found.”

Frustratingly, I can’t seem to redirect people who get that 404. Instead, people are directed to the main WordPress site, not my site. And I can’t edit the old permalink, which would give me some more options.

Right now I would rather people not find the old file, even if it means them getting that frustrating error message.

Until I can figure out a work around, I will not be posting any future version here, lest I run into this same problem with every version I post at this site.

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