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Self-Portraits With A Camera — Do You Have One?

Rei Aijylle Abenoja Estemera is a high school student who just started a blog focused on photography. Her self-portrait with a camera threw me back more than 40 years.

That photo on her site is here:

Here is her photo, cropped a bit:

Check out her site and encourage her!

And here is a self-portrait I took back when I was about her age. With about as much hair as her. I’m holding my Dad’s original half-frame Olympus Pen F  (internal link). This was probably shot with Tri-X.

Here’s master photographer Lluís Bussé

Here’s professional Lukas Kondraciuk of Through an Open Lens and Lukas Kondraciuk Photography.

Germaine Krull in 1925.
Photo: © Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais / image Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI

Here’s Maria Vincent Robinson, “Photographer Of Life and moments”

Here is Sharad V. of Shared V. Photography. Expedition photography and much, much more:

Here’s a new one from photographer Lisa Cavyell who is prominent on Instagram under the handle lisacavyellcapturing60. She covers Inyo County a great deal as well as ranging all across the east slope of the Sierra Nevada and points beyond.

I think this was Koko.

Ever take a self-portrait with your camera? E-mail me that image and I will post it.

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