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Las Vegas to Oakland From The Air

Photos taken through a plane window on the way from Oakland to Las Vegas and back. No Photoshop adjustment save for one picture. That adjustment _did_ make the photo look better.

Active Cargill Salt Ponds, San Francisco Bay near Newark.  Elevation of plane, 1,900 feet.

Inactive Cargill salt pond operation across the water from the above ponds. This is near Redwood City, right close to Facebook’s HQ. The Dumbarton Bridge is to the right of the picture. Elevation of the plane is 1,770 feet.

Forest fire in Kings Canyon National Park, California, elevation 36,700 feet.

Mammoth Lakes area, eastern Sierra Nevada mountains, California, elevation 31,000 feet

Amargosa Valley area, Nye County, Nevada, elevation 26,300 feet.

Amargosa Valley farm fields, Nye County, Nevada, elevation unknown. Photoshop corrected. I am thinking of adjusting the rest of the photos. Check back in a week.

Gypsum mine near Blue Diamond, Clark County, Nevada, elevation 11,600 feet.

Mount Charleston Wilderness, Clark County, Nevada, elevation 15,900 feet.

Oil tankers waiting off shore near Alameda, San Francisco Bay, elevation 2,400 feet.

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