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Pfeiffer Beach Sand, Monterey County, California

I’m trying to learn my microscope. These are single focus shots; as I learn more I will get to know photo stacking which will result in the entire field being in focus. If I do it right. If you enjoy … Continue reading

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Self-Portraits With A Camera — Do You Have One?

Rei Aijylle Abenoja Estemera is a high school student who just started a blog focused on photography. I know that because she liked my last post so I checked out her site. Her self-portrait with a camera startled me and … Continue reading

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Going Bow-Wow For Bauhaus

It’s the one hundredth anniversary of the Bauhaus School (internal link) and *Wallpaper Magazine continues to be a fine resource for discovering more about this historic event. They review a Berlin Bauhaus exhibit at this URL: This is just … Continue reading

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Las Vegas to Oakland From The Air

Photos taken through a plane window on the way from Oakland to Las Vegas and back. No Photoshop adjustment save for one picture. That adjustment _did_ make the photo look better. Active Cargill Salt Ponds, San Francisco Bay near Newark. … Continue reading

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How I Graduated From High School

I graduated high school with the help of a sick, sadistic math teacher I thought anĀ unredeemable cretin. His name was Van Pliet and I assume he is dead now. Good riddance. We’ve all had terrible teachers as we have all … Continue reading

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Out Rockhounding in The Nopah Range

Went rockhounding Monday an hour’s drive west of Las Vegas, Nevada. The Nopah Range is mostly in Inyo County, California. Extremely scenic, no trees. Bring your own shade.  A geologist friend of mine remarked on the photo below, “That’s … Continue reading

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Watching Citizen Kane NARRATOR A collection of everything, so big that it can never be catalogued or appraised. Enough for ten museums. The loot of the world. Xanadu’s livestock — the fowl of the air, the fish of the sea, the beasts … Continue reading

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