Learning About YouTube

I took some video while traveling through the Southwest for my book. Not much since I was focused on taking publishable quality photographs. Still, there is some video I could share.

Five years ago I made a video on dividing agapanthus that has so far gathered 116,000 views. Link below. It was a total pain to produce, between setting up the camera, editing, getting music, making sure the subtitles were correct, and on and on. Oh, and the video made me look like I had green teeth.

My goals are simpler now and YouTube is making it easier to put content on the web than before. I can take a video and upload it directly from my phone or tablet. To prove that, I just took some video of life here at Madhouse Coffee on Durango at 2:30 in the morning.

Notice the icon at the lower right in this video? Click that to subscribe to my channel. I need a hundred subscribers before I qualify for a less ugly URL. Right now I have two subscribers, although they may be at an older account. This may take a while!

Much of what I will do is one-take stuff, editing still not a favorite of mine. I have several current video clips of my recent trip to the Kokoweef Mine Cavern Complex at my rockhounding site:


Dividing Agapanthus Video from Five Years Ago — don’t subscribe through this video

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